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is built by a private Team Session, which delivers a pre-defined and very specific Goal (through collective intelligence). It is a unique experience where individuals get on-board without any tech support. It is a Life experience that allows any organization to make a decision, based on the intelligence of the team, avoiding the daily complexity of internal comunication and politics.

Always Testing - Better Experience

When we are commited to the Team there are some elements that need to be in place in order to get People Allignment and expect everyone's Best efforts. One of these elements is Communcation. Sprints for Teams was originally created from scratch to show everyone that great human interaction and Team sessions are much more powerfull, important and productive than messaging, some colaborative software, individual coding, etc. When we try to launch something that is not perfectly specified for the team, the road ahead gets really difficult and migh frustrate individuals to get things done, to have confidence in their work as a team, in a sharp, understandable and productivive way.

Corporate Teams

We look at the team lifecycle, understanding individuals and their behaviour. We don't work with teams without protecting everyone involved, each and every individuality is protected in order to get the best of everyone through their own unique skills and capabilities. We don't judge, we understand people's drives to perform at their best.

Get involved. We always do it teaming up with clients/partners/colleagues. 

Your Team will Lead you to success or not

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